Sunday, 15 February 2015

Organza bowls

After a winter break workshops have started again and these organza bowls were the result of a very happy day at New Buckenham.  
It was good to see that after a controlled and directed beginning each person chose their own pattern and method based on a number of samples available to inspire ideas. The end products were individual and mounted in a turned wooden base. Thanks to Norfolk Quilters for another enjoyable day.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Stone Wall Journal

Each 'picture stone' in the wall is taken from a place that I've been to and photographed walls, windows and doors.  Ancient places and entrances conjure up people and events that have taken place there over time and now, each stone reminds me of this.  The whole piece has been painted and embellished.

Places include Cambridge, The Triangular Lodge(Rushden), Anglesey Abbey, Norwich Castle, Colchester Castle, Ludlow Castle, Downham Market, Ickworth House, Virginia USA.

My husband doesn't like it and I must admit it turned out rather darker than I had intended but it's done and time to move on.  

Friday, 18 April 2014

Before and After

 After 60+ years I've just said Goodbye to my piano - that is, not just this piano, I've only had this one for about 45 years, but any piano.  There's always been a piano in my home wherever that was but it was taking up valuable space in my not very large workroom and I really don't play it any more.  I was a singer and wind player but the piano was always 'there' just in case.  It's a strange feeling, like closing the door on part of my life but thankfully it's gone to my daughter - it had previously belonged to her grandmother, so it's going down the family.
The good thing is, I now have that extra space for my cutting table which means that I can actually get at the design wall without crawling on top of the table!!!  Gerry's going to replace the self that was on the right hand side for all the brushes, glues etc and I'm going to buy a new drawer unit for storing the stuff that is in the baskets underneath.  I've got to get used to finding things in a different place and I keep going in the wrong direction but I'm so pleased to have the extra space to move things about.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Masterpieces Exhibition

Yesterday I was at the Art and East Anglia Masterpieces exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts.  It was just superb!  If anyone local hasn't been it finishes on Monday having been there since September 2013 so there's only 2 days left to catch this wonderful collection of art of all sorts and periods connected with East Anglia.  

The oldest piece I saw was 700,000 year old (yes, that's not a mistype!) and the newest right up to date. Sculptures by Elizabeth Frink, Henry Moore, Anthony Gormley, Barbara Hepworth, Jacob Epstein.

Paintings by Francis Bacon,Gainsborough, Holbein, L.S. Lowry, John Piper, Stubbs, Constable, Turner, Munnings, and more.
Items by Faberge and furniture by Rennie Mackintosh, Isokon and a collection of 18th century elegant Mendlesham chairs.  There were things from antiquity from Anglo Saxon gold torcs, Roman busts of Emperors (all found in the area), an illuminated bible (1135) and Psalters (1300 - 1500), stained glass and alabaster panels and much more but for me the item of the exhibition was the 'King John cup' so called, a gold cup with lid and over 30 enamelled panels in gorgeous greens, blues and reds depicting scenes of 12th century life in stunning detail and mind blowing craftmanship.  I wished I could take a photo of that and many more items but it wasn't possible but you can see it online although you can't see any of the detail or rich colours.

It was amazing to realise how many people and artifacts had been connected to this region which is sometimes seen as a bit of a quite backwater.  Perhaps that's why so many artists have been and are attracted to it.

It was my birthday treat and the best exhibition I've been to in a very long time - if ever.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Young artist

I'm coming round gradually after the operation on my sinuses - takes a long time!  I've been like a zombie for 10 days now and can't wait to get going again but it's wonderful to be able to breathe properly again!

My granddaughter (13) sent me the card and photo of her artwork.  She tells me it is an etching on white damp fabric with some stitching.  The background is 'chine collee' (tissue paper, PVA glue and pressed onto the fabric).  The ground below is 'a la poupee' (masking tape stuck onto acetate and printed).  I think she's so lucky yo have such creative opportunities at school which I'm afraid were not there in my time!

I saw this painting on canvass when it was in the process at Christmas.  She loves bright colours!  I think it's great.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Free motion with BBQ

Midge's free motion machining 

Had a lovely day yesterday teaching some ladies from Brandon Baptist Quilters (BBQ!).  They'd asked for the 'Free Motion Without Fears' day and certainly got over their initial lack of confidence and were flying by the time we finished. They also gave me a beautiful  bouquet  which was a big surprise!!  Thank you Midge and all the ladies at BBQ. It kept me busy and helped to keep my mind off Monday!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sit & Sew?

Yesterday our local group (Alveva) had a Sit & Sew coffee morning at Yvonne Brown's beautiful home.  As usual I forgot to take my camera so no picture. I never remember!  There was coffee, cake and chat and while some ladies worked on the group project putting together hexagon blocks to make a raffle quilt others did their own handwork and I took my Ironbridge piece to finish off with the label and hanging sleeve but I only got 2 sides of the label done!  Too much chat and not much sewing!!  Must do better.

I've another piece in the planning stage so I've been drawing and dyeing to get some ideas ready for putting together.  I'm not expecting to do much in the next couple of weeks as I'm in hospital on Monday for a long awaited operation on my sinuses.  Not looking forward to it but wanting it done and over with.  Cheers 'til then.