Sunday, 15 February 2015

Organza bowls

After a winter break workshops have started again and these organza bowls were the result of a very happy day at New Buckenham.  
It was good to see that after a controlled and directed beginning each person chose their own pattern and method based on a number of samples available to inspire ideas. The end products were individual and mounted in a turned wooden base. Thanks to Norfolk Quilters for another enjoyable day.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

'Let it Snow' at the Dragonfly

The opening of the latest exhibition at the Dragonfly Gallery in Watton.  
I'm always in awe of the number of talented artists and crafts people in this region.  Such varied exhibits but all of high quality including the jewellery, silk painting and glass mosaic mirrors and tea light holders in the picture.  Reflected is the gallery manager Susan!

Some of the lovely seasonal refreshments on offer!

I particularly liked the painted and stitched textile landscapes by Caroline Hyde Brown but then, that's what I like doing too but these were very delicate and effective.

The gift table had some very tempting items - all very reasonably priced.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Laura's Poppyhead

Granddaughter Laura sent me this photo of  a decaying poppy head which is part of her on-going art project.  I think it's beautiful and love the depth and variety of lines and colour she has achieved.  At age 14 I know I wasn't creating anything as good!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Stone Wall Journal

Each 'picture stone' in the wall is taken from a place that I've been to and photographed walls, windows and doors.  Ancient places and entrances conjure up people and events that have taken place there over time and now, each stone reminds me of this.  The whole piece has been painted and embellished.

Places include Cambridge, The Triangular Lodge(Rushden), Anglesey Abbey, Norwich Castle, Colchester Castle, Ludlow Castle, Downham Market, Ickworth House, Virginia USA.

My husband doesn't like it and I must admit it turned out rather darker than I had intended but it's done and time to move on.  

Friday, 7 November 2014

Grosvenor Show at Duxford

Having a quiet week after the exhibition at Duxford and it feels quite strange.  For once it's not 'What do I need to do next?' but 'What shall I do next?'  For weeks I've been getting ready for the show and spent the 3 days demonstrating how I make landscape backgrounds for quilt kits using oil paintsticks.  I'd also produced the patterns for designs on the backcloth and for the organza bowls etc. on the table. Friday was a good day, Saturday strangely quiet (were people taking advantage of the very last of the warm, sunny days?) and Sunday very good.

Now it's back to normal.  I've finished my latest wall hanging which has been hanging around(!) for some months and I'm looking forward to spending a day with Cherry Vernon Harcourt and soy wax!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Having won some money for my 'Splash' bowl I could go spending with a clear conscience!  One of the things I bought  at the show was a couple of books on 'Breakdown Printing' by Claire Ben and Leslie Morgan and 'Paper & Metal Lamination' by the same two authors plus Jane Dunnewold, all members of Committedtocloth and who were demonstrating at the show.

I'd really like to get into this but it needs a messy area so needs some organisation and clear spaces.  I've enjoyed the books and CD's which give really clear, step by step guidance and lots of tips.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Getting back to posting!

I can't believe it's 6 months since I last posted!   Where has the time gone?
I've had issues with the old laptop, changed web hosts and been busy with 'things'!

Glitches have had to be sorted by my new man at Anglia Computer Solutions but at last I think things are beginning to get back on track.

Best thing in the meantime was winning a prize at the 'Festival of Quilts' at the N.E.C. for my Organza Bowl called 'Splash'. That was an unexpected thrill.  It was also awarded a 'Judge's Choice' although I don't know by whom as the labels were lost in the scrummage at the end of the show - pity.

The piano, by the way, is now in use by my saxophone playing granddaughter who is doing her Grade 5 theory soon.  Memories of times long past!!!